13 Oct 2010

Some earlier Tildas

Hi all, I have so many to upload, I thought I would add some so I can start getting up to date with my new makes.
So, Here are some past ones going back several weeks or more.
Thanks for looking chicks.
Love Ali. xx

Love this Tilda!
Below is a newish one (sorry)

YEEE HAAAA Wild Thing!! lol

If you are reading this........ then you didn't get bored hehe!
I hope you enjoyed looking at them as I still do.
Have a real happy day tomorrow as its @@ OmGosh is actually 12:38am Zzzzzz's for me chickies.

Ali. xx

1 comment:

Ishin said...

Hi Ali, your blog makes me very impressed. The cards are beautiful! I would also like to create something so beautiful. Ishin